Producer of innovative server-based solutions for multi-channel 4K/3G/HD slow motion replays, recording for NLE, video refereeing and VAR. Our designs feature unique scalable architecture, user-friendly interface, compatibility with widely used non-linear editing systems, and the ease of new technology implementation into existing TV production structure and sport venues. We have successfully introduced complete lines of high quality multi-channel professional video production servers and brought to market a number of effective solutions from “Ripley Plus” – the unique all-in-one server incorporated into standard replay console; compact 1U “Simple RIII” to powerful 4U “Dominator AT/12G”, perfectly suited for large-scale 4K/3G/HD TV production and eSports. Our videoReferee® systems for on-the-fly reviewing of questionable moments have become an integral part of many sport arenas and are widely used in many sports.

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