Ripley – The unique 3G/HD Recording and Replay server incorporated into replay console

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Ripley – A full-featured server incorporated into replay console

Ripley is a unique new system which combines the replay server and the remote controller within the dimensions of the replay console.

The Ripley provides:

  • 3G: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX
  • HD: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX

The server has 2 graphical interfaces for the Main Interface and Multiviewer. If necessary, a single monitor using MultiSkin switching function can display both of them.

For integration with mixers and other equipment, Ripley has LTC and GPO interfaces, as well as RS232/422 port.


It also supports networking with other servers for exchange of clips and playlists via 1GbE interface.

Super Slow Motion

As all servers, Ripley is integrated with high-speed cameras of various manufacturers. Ripley can support two 3x or three 2x Super Slow Motion cameras. Thanks to the “Transfer” (networking) option, clips from Super Motion cameras are available for creating Summary/Highlights on other servers without additional hardware or software options.


As any other server, Ripley provides for automatic clips creation, wide abilities for playlists’ editing, simultaneous search on all channels, instant slow motion replays, networking, etc. The basic configuration includes free ‘Transfer’ (networking) and ‘Game Analyzer’ (telestrator) options, reflecting the company’s policy aimed at increased functionality without raising prices.

Keyboard, mouse and other external devices are connected via USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

The unique feature of Ripley is the presence of 4 SDHC standard memory card slots on the side panel. The cards can be used for export and import of video materials, as well as for recording of incoming video signals in H.264 or AVC-Intra 50Mbit.

Ripley has 51 RGB illuminated push buttons, Jog Shuttle and T-Bar, providing up to 1024 values of the lever position.

The system has SSD storage subsystem of 66 hours of 100Mbit HD.

Ripley is powered by 110-220 V and weighs less than 4 kg.

videoReferee®-R for sports video-refereeing

This sports video-refereeing capability is one of the most important options. It works with 4 HD/3G or 8 HD cameras. This number of recorded channels is sufficient for using it many sports.

Areas of use

Ripley is a compact system the size of a replay console perfectly suited for field work. Two systems can be placed in one carry-on case.

The system is perfect for TV companies that do not use large servers. It makes it easier to service various event venues.

The 3G-SDI option allows it to be used for broadcasting eSports events, for which 3G signals support is a key factor.

Ripley with 8-camera video-refereeing option, can be used in many sports.

Product Specs

Unique compact 3G/HD Replay and Recording server.

Two servers fit into standard hand luggage

Replay mode:

For 3G/HD: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX.

Recording for NLE:

The server records up to 6 HD channels for non-linear editing.

Storage (SSD): up to 66 hours of HD video.

Video exchange: 1 GbE.

Chassis: Server and controller incorporated into replay console

Weight: 3.75 kg.

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