Dominator AT/12G – The most Powerful Server for 4K/3G/HD Production, Replays and eSports

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Dominator AT/12G is the latest generation of the multi-channel recording and slow motion replay servers, which is deservedly considered to be the most powerful 4K/3G/HD system on the market.

It is a versatile platform designed to work with a large number of channels, provide slow motion instant replays and recording for non-linear editing of large-scale productions. Support for a large number of 3G channels makes it also an ideal solution for replays in cybersports.

The high performance of this relatively small size and weight system (4U – 56 cm, 20 kg) make the Dominator AT server convenient for integration into any environment.

4K support

Dominator AT/12G has a 4K support option, which can be activated remotely when it is really needed (software license). 4K s/w license opens the 6 Rec + 6 Search + 2 Play + FX configuration in replay mode and up to 6 recording channels for NLE.

Perfectly suited for eSports

Numerous 3G channels and a fast, intuitive interface are the must have requirements for eSports broadcasts. The Dominator AT servers provide 14 Rec + 14 Search + 2 Play + FX when working with 3G-SDI and allow connecting an additional independent replay operator workplace.

The server has a built-in and external Multiviewer and a high-performance interface for better performance.

Two independent workplaces

The Dominator AT has a fast and intuitive interface, so that 1 experienced replay operator can work with 12-15 cameras. However, an additional independent replay workplace can be connected to the server in order to speed up the work and improve the quality of the broadcast. In this case, the Dominator AT is used as 2 independent servers, each with up to 7 Rec + 7 Search + 2 Play (PGM Output + Preview). Both replay operators can do replays from their «assigned» cameras and create a common Summary/Highlights of the game moments at one of the workplaces. Both users can exchange clips and playlists. The server is equipped with 4 graphical outputs, which allow each workplace to have 2 monitors for displaying the main interface and Multiviewer.

SSM cameras support

The Dominator AT servers are integrated with Super Slow Motion cameras from most manufacturers and support various modes – standard 2x, 3x, 4x (e.g. Panasonic AK-UC4000), Xtra Motion 6x (GVG LDX-86 HS/XS) and HyperMotion (1000FPS Ikegami HiMotion-II). The number of required SDI inputs depends on the camera speed.

Transfer function – integration into the network environment

All servers support exchanging of video materials between locally networked servers. This allows clips from servers that work with high-speed cameras to be used by other servers for Summary/Highlights without additional hardware or software options.

The Dominator AT server is equipped with a 2-port high-speed 10GbE interface for video exchange and integration into a high-performance network environment of TV companies. In addition, 10GbE allows recording to a NAS. When using the “growing files” (MXF, XDCAM 50), files recorded on NAS can be used for editing immediately after recording starts (if this mode is supported by the non-linear editing program).

DMR™ (Direct Movie Record) – Multi-channel recording direct in NLE native file formats with absolute protection of material

The proprietary DMR™ technology – direct recording into native files of non-linear editing systems is a unique feature of servers. When working with the DMR™ server records video using selected codec (ProRes; AVID DNxHD; DVCPro HD; DVCPro 50; IMX; XDCAM 50; AVC-Intra 100/XAVC) to a built-in SSD video array in a specially developed fail-safe high reliability file format and in native files of NLE systems on any available file storage.

Typically, recording is performed on 3.5″ SATA spin drives installed in 8 toolless/trayless built-in racks. Recording can also be performed to a NAS. The DMR™ technology also allows recording of low-resolution Proxy SD files in parallel with the recording of full-size high-quality video files. For 4K resolutions, up to 6 channels with the ProRes 442 codec can be recorded using the DMR™.

Thanks to simultaneous recording to the built-in array and to any file media, the material is duplicated. This ensures that the recorded material is kept safe. In case of file loss on NAS or 3.5″ SATA spin drives, the material can be exported in the selected codec from the built-in array.

Support for “growing files”

The server supports work with “growing files” (MXF, XDCAM 50). Usually MXF “growing files” are recorded to a NAS, connected to the editing systems supporting such technology – Adobe Premiere. This allows editing of video material right after the start of the recording.

Dominator AT comes with…

SSD based storage, which increases its reliability in harsh conditions during transportation or high vibration.

Each workplace includes a Control ZR console with 51 RGB backlit push buttons, Jog Shuttle and T-bar providing up to 1024 values of lever position. The replay console is connected via RS232/422, USB or Ethernet.

Product Specs

Powerful 4K/3G/HD server 
For large scale production and eSports

Ideal system for OB Vans and studios

Replay mode:

  • For 3G/HD: 14 recording + 14 search + 2 playback channels + FX.
  • For 4K: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX

Recording for NLE:

The server records up to 16 HD and 6 4K channels for non-linear editing.

Storage (SSD): up to 133 hours of HD video.

Video exchange: dual 10 GbE.

Chassis: 4 RU.

Weight: 20 kg.

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