Director David Leitch was drawn to “Bullet Train” not because of the action or comedy, but because of what he calls “this big existential question” at the center of the story. Bryan Tyree Henry as Lemon and Brad Pitt as Ladybug. Cr: Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures

“Bullet Train:” Virtual Production, New IP, All the Punching

“It wasn’t the comedy or the action, but this meditation on fate and this big existential question was at the center of it,” director David Leitch tells Daron James at the Motion Picture Association’s The Credits about his new movie Bullet Train. “I felt that was so subversive and irreverent in a big bombastic assassin movie.”

All entertainment today is “twists, violence, drama, no message — what are we supposed to learn?” Lemon, an assassin, complains.

Bullet Train is exactly one of those movies, and as James points out, “that’s all it wants to be.”

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