Jessie Buckley as Harper in “Men.” Cr: Kevin Baker/A24

The Fundamental Truths and Phantasmagoric Horror of “Men”

A woman alone in a large, secluded house; a walk through the woods and a stranger stalking through the underbrush — this might appear to be a classic horror set-up. But Men is no conventional horror film. At its core it is a story about a central crisis of our times — masculinity and its manifestations; about aggressions great and small; about ancient, unchecked ideas. It’s also a film interested in the foundational myths that animate our culture and what audiences themselves bring with them to the theater.

The easiest way to imagine how Hollywood conceives The Metaverse is to look at “Ready, Player One.” Cr: Warner Bros.

Ready, Player One: Video Games Are Coming to TV

There have been multiple attempts to adapt video games into a narrative screen drama, most of which have been considered creative and box office failures. Among them are the 1994 Street Fighter featuring Jean Claude van Damme; the Resident Evil series based on the Japanese horror game; Lara Croft has had two big screen incarnations in the early aughts; and 2016’s Warcraft.

More recent attempts to convert legacy games into screened entertainment have had more success — perhaps because they’ve been serialized for streaming services, or because they tend not to cleave too close to the original game’s territory.