Sami Slimane as Karim in director Romain Gavras’s “Athena.” Cr: Netflix

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Making the Immersive, Explosive “Athena”

An explosive epic in more ways than one, Romain Gavras’s Netflix feature Athena is set in France in 2022 but draws on the tradition of Greek tragedy. It starts with a clamoring desire for revenge that ignites the titular Parisian housing project into a riot in the opening scenes of the film and builds into a battle between brothers, between social classes, and between the police and the populace.


Web3 and the Future of Work (Oh, Guess What? It’s Decentralized.)

Office workers are now so accustomed to Zoom calls that a greater leap into the virtualization of the workspace may not phase them. That’s just as well, because corporations are planning to onboard more of us into the metaverse just as company structures themselves morph into new operating models built on the decentralized web, or Web3.

The combination of the metaverse and a decentralized Web3 has the potential to radically transform operating models and the labor market,” explains an article written for the World Economic Forum.

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