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All of the Ways the Olympics Are (and Aren’t) Immersive

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its major rights holders like NBC and Discovery—having paid billions for the privilege—will be hoping to immerse viewers in wall-to-wall Olympic action these next two weeks. The broadcast coverage of the competition is critical to these organizations and more so this year without the color of fans cheering at the venues.

Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) has prepared, though, arming itself with a range of innovations to enhance coverage intended to engage viewers. On the face of it, this could be the most immersive Games yet.

“Immersive tech offers an incredible opportunity, enabling fans to feel like they’re at the Olympics, even when they’re watching the Games from home,” says Matt Millington, OBS Director of Digital Content Production. “Beyond providing viewers with the feeling of ‘being there,’ we are trying to create content that resonates.”

Read about the plans.

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Is Gamification of the Olympics Broadcast the Right Play?

Core to the IOC’s agenda over the next five years is to “grow digital engagement with people,” and since 70% of all IOC revenue is derived from broadcast rights sales, the ability of broadcast partners to reach younger audiences is vital for the event’s continued relevance.

The result is a battery of digital, gamified products from Tokyo. Just like host broadcaster Olympic Broadcasting Services is experimenting with AI and 5G at this Olympics, the IOC has developed a range of data- and graphics-driven experiments and experiences to see which ones will resonate with the elusive millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Find out about these initiatives.

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