Arrow III – SSD/HDD-based compact 3G/HD Replay and Recording server

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Arrow III – SSD/HDD based Replay server with 10GbE connectivity and DMR™ Racks

Arrow III is a higher level model in the Arrow line. It is a powerful, quiet and affordable broadcast-class server, which allows you to take a fresh look at television production.

The Arrow III is not only the optimal entry-level solution for professional TV production, but also a “workhorse” for broadcasting sports events of any level and recording for nonlinear editing of various TV shows and programs.

Slow Motion Replays

Arrow III is equipped with 8 bi-directional SDI I/O. In its basic configuration, the server supports the 662 mode: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX.

The top configuration provides:

  • For HD/SD SDI: Up to 7 recording + 7 search + 2 playback channels + FX
  • For 3G SDI: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX.

SSDs or HDDs

All the needs and wishes of the customers were taken into account in its development. At ordering, the user can choose the disk array for its system: affordable HDDs or lightweight and reliable SSDs. One of the most important advantages of Arrow III is its optimized cooling system. To reduce the noise level the server was equipped with large low-noise fans installed on the front panel, which provide almost silent operation.

Support for SSM cameras

The server supports SSM cameras of well-known manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, Hitachy, Ikegami, GVG and others. 

Recording for NLE

Arrow III is equipped with 3 built-in DMR™ Racks for 3.5″ SATA hard drives for export and import of video material, as well as for recording for non-linear editing of native files and codecs with DMR™ technology (DMR™ option). Up to 8 HD channels can be recorded simultaneously, which makes the system a good space saver alternative to big 4U servers.


The high-speed 10GbE interface allows recording the video material on NAS, as well as speeds up the exchange of clips and playlists between servers working in the network.

Arrow III comes with specialized replay console: Control Zx for the HDD-based servers and Control ZR for the SSD-based systems. Control ZR is a latest generation of replay panels equipped with 51 RGB buttons and T-bar with up to 1024 values of the lever position. Connection of the console is via RS232/422, USB and Ethernet.

Product Specs

SSD/HDD-based compact 3G/HD Replay and Recording server.

Advanced recording for NLE capabilities

Replay mode:

  • For 3G: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX.
  • For HD: 7 recording + 7 search + 2 playback channels + FX.

Recording for NLE:

The server records up to 8 HD channels for non-linear editing.

Storage (SSD): up to 400 hours of HD video.

Video exchange: 10 GbE.

Chassis: 2U

Weight: 3.75 kg.

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