videoReferee®-VHL2G – Affordable VideoGoal system for ice hockey and other sports

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An affordable Videogoal system videoReferee®-VHL2G was developed particularly for ice hockey clubs. The videoReferee®-VHL2G bundle includes a 12-channel recording server, compact wide-angle and zoom cameras “mini-II-vR-Cam” and specialized wireless in-goal cameras “mini-II-GoalNetCam”. Beside ice hockey the system can also be used in soccer, basketball, handball, canoe slalom, short track and other sports that require 12 3G/HD cameras.

The VHL2G has 12 3G/HD SDI inputs for cameras monitoring the rink, goal areas and blue lines. All mini-II cameras in the bundle are specialized cameras for video-refereeing, providing high-quality video for review of controversial moments. А big advantage of such cameras is that they are synchronized with each other. This is made possible by’s specially developed Cloudy Genlock technology. The undoubted convenience is that the mini-II cameras are controlled via Ethernet and powered via PoE. These cameras also have an analog audio input. Thanks to the color correction function, video from these cameras can be used in TV broadcasting or shown on video cubes in the arena.

Like all video-refereeing systems, the VHL2G provides all the necessary functions for comfortable work, such as user-friendly interface, multi-screens with 2, 3 or 4 camera views, zoom-in image view, integration with scoreboard controller, synchronized search on recorded material.

The system has two video outputs for the engineering and referee interfaces. The video referee’s workplace includes a monitor and control panel Control-VR. This allows the referee to monitor game actions in real time, tag events, review controversial moments from one or four cameras simultaneously, set playback speed, zoom in and out.

If needed, the image from the referee’s monitor can be easily duplicated on the monitor located next to the playing field.

The system supports the following scoreboard controllers: Westerstrand, Nautronic NTpult, Nautronic NAUCON-1000, Bodet, Omega Saturn, Megalux, NataInfo, Victory, VITA, Araneus-NGLight, ElTablo, Stramatel, Coliseum, CEDR, Favero Console-700.

All videoReferee® systems feature the batch export (full recording of all channels) and the mosaic export (recording of controversial moment only from selected cameras). Each channel contains the official game information (time, score, and period).

In basketball the videoReferee®-VHL2G due to its scoreboard controllers connectivity allows to accurately solve the shot-clock issues and validate the throws.



Available in 2 versions: cameras with 10x zoom and wide-angle cameras with 3x zoom. The size and light weight of the cameras allow the user to carry 9 cameras in a standard case. A unique feature of the cameras is “cloud” synchronization: all cameras work at the same frame and line frequency and are synchronized by phase. There is the ability to select and switch between 3G and HD modes.

  • “Cloud” synchronization
  • GenLock support (requires additional external module)
  • Cameras are absolutely synchronous with each other and with the match controller
  • Analog sound input with sound level display
  • 3D LUT colour correction
  • Power over Ethernet
  • 3G and HD modes


Cameras with built-in 10x zoom lens.


Wide angle cameras with built-in 3x zoom lens and up to 105° angle.


These wireless cameras are installed in the goal and provide a view of the area inaccessible by other cameras. The special housing protects the camera from physical damage, temperature fluctuations and moisture. The design of fasteners provides easy installation and dismounting of the camera inside the goal. Battery replacement is done in less than 60 seconds. Thanks to its broadcast image quality, this camera is suitable for use in television broadcasts.

  • Small transmitter size and streamlined shape reduces probability of puck hitting;
  • Bayonet mount for quick installation and dismount in less than 30sec;
  • Prompt battery replacement. Battery lasts for more than 6 hours;
  • Separate camera head provides the best camera angles and is almost inaccessible to pucks;
  • The quick-release mount design allows changing the camera head in one minute and does not require reset of the angle;
  • Metal housing, protected connectors;
  • Radio control channel for remote configuration, battery check and reboot.

Product Specs

Specialized Videogoal solution for ice hockey and other sports


  • 4U server videoReferee®-VHL2G with support for 12 3G/HD cams
  • 9 Compact mini-II-vR-Cam cameras
  • 2 Wireless in-goal cameras mini-II-GoalNetCam;

Brief system characteristics:

Records video from 12 3G/HD cameras including cameras “behind”, “above” and “in” the goal;

  • Works with the official time, score and penalty box log files from the scoreboard controller;
  • Compatible with most match controllers;
  • Comes with a specialized controller Control-VR;
  • Ease of learning, convenience and simplicity in operation;
  • Provides the ability to mark events while watching the game or viewing recording.


  • mini-II-vR-Cam-zoom
    3G/HD Cameras with built-in 10x zoom lens.
  • mini-II-vR-Cam-zoom-Wide
    Wide angle 3G/HD cameras with built-in 3x zoom lens and up to 105° angle.
  • mini-II-GoalNetCam
    Wireless 3G/HD in-goal cameras
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