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‘Take Your Fingers Off That!’ Automating Video Configuration and Connectivity at Scale for Feeds and Channel Distribution (1281)

Tony Jones

MediaKind -- Principal Technologist

For many years, a largely manual approach has been used to configure feeds (encoders and decoders across WAN links) for production (now including remote/cloud production) and likewise for managing a set of channel distribution receivers into local stations or cable headends. As the number of feeds increases and they become more dynamic, a new approach is needed, applying the philosophy of cloud orchestration to both problems and driving that from a top-level schedule. The operational cost and risks associated with manually configuring equipment and making connections becomes much lower, when replaced with a highly automated and more agile approach. Learn about how MediaKind is revolutionizing this part of the media chain, to make a leaner and more reliable operation, and how CDNs can be used to scale channel distribution to increase reach across the globe.


  • Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, MediaKind