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Audio & Video Quality Monitoring with AI (1188)

Alvaro Laserna

TestDevLab -- Technical Director of Automation and R&D

Adrians Miņins

TestDevLab A/V Project Manager

Varun Singh

Daily -- Chief Product & Technology Officer

Learn about new, scalable and game-changing methods for broadcast and stream quality monitoring, brought to you by tools and advancements in AI. For the first time, understand how your content is perceived by all of your viewer groups and, through objective metrics, identify where you should improve. Step into a world where complex, historically manual and repetitive human labor can be streamlined. Join Alvaro Laserna, technical director of automation and R&D at TestDevLab, and Varun Singh, CPTO of Daily, for insights into how AI-powered monitoring can significantly enhance audio/video quality. Hear about how such data can be actionable, the possibilities opened up for competitive benchmarking and how this can be used for both platform, infrastructure AND content improvements.


  • Alvaro Laserna, Technical Director of Automation and R&D, TestDevLab
  • Adrians Miņins, A/V Project Manager, TestDevLab
  • Varun Singh, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Daily