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NextGen TV: Merging Streaming and OTA for Unprecedented Reach (803)

Anne Schelle

PearlTV -- Managing Director

Skip Flenniken

Sinclair Broadcast Group -- VP & GM, Technology Business Development

Robert Folliard

Gray Television -- Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Distribution

Rob Lewis

ROXi / FastStream -- CEO

Zane Vella

FormatLab -- Co-Founder

As traditional streaming platforms express increasing interest in OTA broadcasting, this panel seeks to uncover the reasons behind the surge in inquiries and the potential of broadcast IP channels. Why are established streamers turning to OTA, and how does NextGen TV facilitate this shift? Speakers from leading broadcasting companies and streaming service providers will share insights on the integration of streaming content over the air, highlighting the symbiotic benefits for broadcasters and streamers alike.


  • Anne Schelle, Managing Director, PearlTV
  • Skip Flenniken, VP & GM, Technology Business Development, Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Robert Folliard, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Distribution, Gray Television
  • Rob Lewis, CEO, ROXi / FastStream
  • Zane Vella, Co-Founder, FormatLab