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NextGen TV Demo: Triveni Digital ATSC 3.0 Translator and StreamScope XM Analyzer

Mark Simpson, President and CEO, Triveni Digital

Mark Simpson

Triveni Digital -- President and CEO

Triveni Digital ATSC 3.0 Translator and StreamScope XM Analyzer and Monitor with A3SA Decryption

In this demo, Mark Simpson, president and CEO of Triveni Digital, shows how Triveni Digital’s ATSC 3.0 Translator and StreamScope XM Analyzer and Monitor simplify NEXTGEN TV delivery while minimizing capex and opex for ATSC 3.0 service delivery and maximizing revenue generation for broadcasters.

Triveni Digital’s award-winning ATSC 3.0 Translator repeats or translates ATSC 3.0 signals over long distances without needing a full broadcast chain, thereby minimizing costs, equipment, and power usage. The ATSC 3.0 Translator validates ATSC 3.0 signals in real time down to the frame structure, offering support for multiple physical layer pipes. Using the innovative solution, broadcasters can perform ATSC 3.0 network troubleshooting and postmortem analysis with log and trend files to improve NEXTGEN TV experiences for viewers. The solution is ideal for both public state-wide networks and private cloud-based environments. It’s also perfect for business channels using SRT distribution, signal capturing for manufacturing, signal monitoring for automobiles and remote areas, ATSC 3.0 retransmission, changing channel numbers for local broadcast stations, and more.

Triveni Digital’s StreamScope XM Analyzer and Monitor are the industry’s first test and measurement solutions to support A3SA decryption. The new decryption functionality enables broadcasters to transmit encrypted content in the ATSC 3.0 environment to better monetize NEXTGEN TV services, while ensuring outstanding content integrity. The solution was developed in collaboration with Pearl TV to bring innovative NEXTGEN TV technology to broadcasters.

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