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Retro Reimagined: Monetizing the Future of Interactive TV (1280)

Andy Beach

Andy Beach

Microsoft -- CTO for Media and Entertainment Industry

Rick Champagne

NVIDIA -- Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing

Laura Florence

Fremantle -- Senior Vice President of Global Channels

Mark Moeder

SymphonyAI -- President

Ramki Sankaranarayanan

Prime Focus Technologies -- Founder and CEO

Cory Zachman

MediaKind -- SVP, Engineering & Services

Speakers discuss the transformative journey of classic content into the interactive digital era. They will explore how collaboration between Microsoft, NVIDIA and a vast partner ecosystem breathes new life into beloved classics, elevating the viewer’s experience from passive consumption to active engagement with interactive quizzes, trivia and personalized insights. From the technical intricacies of AI-powered metadata enrichment and advanced channel playout to the thrill of competitive community building and strategic ad insertions, speakers will cover the entire spectrum of creating a lucrative, interactive TV landscape. They will also highlight the potential of technologies like Azure AI, MediaKind’s solutions, Alice & Smith’s XR server, and SymphonyAI’s analytics tools in revolutionizing content delivery and engagement.


  • Andy Beach, CTO, Media and Entertainment Industry, Microsoft
  • Rick Champagne, Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing, NVIDIA
  • Laura Florence, Senior Vice President of Global Channels, Fremantle
  • Mark Moeder, President, Media Division, SymphonyAI
  • Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies
  • Cory Zachman, SVP, Engineering & Services, MediaKind