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Re-Inventing the Release Window through Smart Digital Monetization (934)

Mel Wilson

Solve Innovations -- Founder and CEO

Noam Dromi

Reboot Studios -- Managing Director and Executive Producer

Austin Worrell

Kino -- Co-Founder and COO

Jane Yu

Monolithic Content -- Co-Founder

Jay WIlliams


Getting your content created is always a challenge, but it’s in the distribution that the magic can happen. Right now the process can be overly complex, inefficient, and inequitable for independent creators who are the bedrock of the industry. In this session, filmmakers, producers and distributors will discuss how they are using data and digital community solutions to create new revenue streams through organic fan discovery, engagement, interactivity, commerce, and more.


  • Mel Wilson, Founder and CEO, Solve Innovations
  • Noam Dromi, Managing Director and Executive Producer, Reboot Studios
  • Austin Worrell, Co-Founder and COO, Kino
  • Jane Yu, Co-Founder, Monolithic Content
  • Jay WIlliams, StoryTech