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Streaming Demo: Storj Distributed Object Storage and Media Delivery

Headshot Dominick Marino, Storj

Dominick Marino

Storj -- Senior Solution Architect

Storj Distributed Object Storage and Media Delivery

In this demo, Dominick Marino, solutions architect at Storj, explains who Storj is and how the company’s decentralized object storage solution works.

Storj is the world’s first enterprise-grade open-source, decentralized cloud storage and data delivery solution that’s private by design and secure by default—enabling developers to build in the best data protection and privacy into their applications as possible. Storj offers best in class performance and consistency globally—at a fraction of the cost of AWS.

Storj is enterprise-grade and S3 compatible, making it easy to configure. The distributed nature of Storj eliminates the need for replication and makes it a much more sustainable option than datacenters.

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