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NABiQ 2023 Pitch Sessions

Teams of industry professionals, innovators, and Gen Z students tackled four challenges facing media broadcasting, using design thinking techniques.

The challenges were broken into four categories: Create, Connect, Capitalize and Intelligent Content.



The Create challenge, sponsored by Storj, challenged participants to develop a creator-led use-case to harness AI in production.

The 2023 NAB Show NABiQ winner in the create category is “AI Generative Storybuilding,” by Douglas Looney and Stephen Tune.

Create finalists:

  • StoryTeller AI: Tell your own story to this AI and let it produce a captivating movie!
  • Heart & Soul: Empower communities through multimedia training and integration of AI to make the world a better place!



The Connect challenge, sponsored by Storj and Amove, focused on the future of sustainable streaming and how to reduce carbon emissions from growing server demand

The 2023 NAB Show NABiQ winner in the Connect category is “Seaweed.” Dive into sustainable streaming by sinking data centers underwater to reduce emissions and create artificial reefs! By Kelly Ratka, Andrew Lombardi, Lauren Glazer, Andrew Smith and John Kaufmann.

Connect finalists:

  • Green Check Keep streaming services in check with sustainability verification, monitoring and accountability for responsible content consumption!
  • GreenTok TikTok meets sustainability with a dashboard that showcases emission stats and helps you limit your swipes for a greener experience!



The Capitalize challenge, sponsored by Storj, explored creating an enhanced immersive ad experience that would engage viewers beyond traditional ad formats.

The 2023 NAB Show NABiQ winner in the capitalize category is “Pause. Capture. Innovate.” Elevate your viewing experience with AI-powered pop-up product information when you pause what you’re watching! By Parker Golden, Lorea, Cambria Robinson and Hector Rodriguez.

Capitalize finalists:

  • SiME Immerse yourself in the future of shopping experiences with virtual stores that revolutionize the way you shop!
  • Nozama Experience books like never before with innovative advertising that promotes products mentioned in books on the website!



The Intelligent Content Challenge, sponsored by Storj and Ad Signal, asked participants to invent a personalized viewing experience that’s pure magic

The 2023 NAB Show NABiQ winner in the intelligent content category is “Mood Probe,” a smartwatch-powered emotion monitoring for personalized recommendations that resonate with your mood. By Bhavik Vyas and Jay Chauhan.

Intelligent Content finalists:

  • MysteryPix: Get ready for a movie night with a short quiz that provides a mystery pick for groups!
  • Unleash: Let your mood guide your viewing with personalized playlists that cater to your goals and emotions!


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