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Cloud Readiness: The Future of Hybrid Media Workflows

Pat Patterson

Backblaze Chief Technical Evangelist

In the past, post-production and broadcast organizations would commission bespoke workflows that integrated applications and services for media professionals on the company network. These integrations, while tailored to the organization’s needs, were costly and inflexible. Since then, the software as a service (SaaS) industry has emerged, implementing functionality both interactively in the browser and programmatically via APIs.

As cloud-based media tools such as and Backlight Creative (formerly iconik) have come to dominate the market they have unlocked unprecedented levels of interoperability, opening up new possibilities for media workflows. Today, workflows must span applications and storage both on-premise and in the cloud, while employees might be working in the office one day, and remotely the next. Yesterday’s workflows simply can’t support this distributed environment.

In this session, presented by Pat Patterson, chief technical evangelist at specialist cloud storage vendor Backblaze, you’ll learn how to leverage the modern world of APIs and web services to build flexible workflows that put media assets in front of creative professionals, no matter where they happen to be sitting. The session was sponsored by Backblaze and filmed in the Create Experiential Zone in North Hall during the 2023 NAB Show.

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