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The Transformation of Sports Broadcasting with Private Networks (313)

Tim Stevens

Verizon Business -- Global Leader, Strategic Innovation for Sports, Media & Entertainment
Lori H. Schwartz

Lori H. Schwartz

StoryTech -- CEO and Founder

Private networks, which offer secure, high-speed, and low latency 5G connectivity, are set to revolutionize live sports production. This session will provide an overview of how private networks will impact sports leagues, broadcasters, and venue owners, creating new opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Additionally, fans will benefit from these advancements as their venue experiences become more engaging and immersive. Join us to discover the exciting possibilities that private networks bring to the world of sports broadcasting.


  • Timothy Stevens, Global Leader Strategic Innovation, Media Entertainment and Sports, Verizon
  • Moderator Lori H. Schwartz, CEO and Founder, StoryTech