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Game On: Enhancing Broadcast Workflows Through Network Slicing (1296)

Malcolm Brew

Neutral Wireless Ltd. -- Lead Technology Consultant

ErinRose Widner

Verizon Business -- Global Head, Business Strategy Emerging & Creative Technologies | Media & Entertainment

Sam Yoffe

Neutral Wireless -- Senior Systems Engineer

Mark Smith

IBC -- Head of Innovation

As the world becomes more connected and the number of connected devices outpaces the population, congested connectivity has become a reality, especially at highly populated events (e.g., live entertainment and sporting venues). Although any industry can benefit from the ability to leverage dedicated slices in a private network, the media and entertainment industry (particularly broadcast and venue use cases) stand to benefit tremendously. This advanced network infrastructure — with each slice dedicated to a specific workflow — has the power to revolutionize how media is produced, distributed and consumed. It can also help optimize fan experience and in-venue operations.


  • Malcolm Brew, Lead Technology Consultant, Neutral Wireless Ltd.
  • ErinRose Widner, Global Head, Business Strategy Emerging & Creative Technologies | Media & Entertainment, Verizon Business
  • Sam Yoffe, Senior Systems Engineer, Neutral Wireless
  • Mark Smith, Head of Innovation, IBC