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Hyperscaling Innovation to Meet New Demands (1051)

Ben Edmond

Connectbase -- CEO and Founder

Jonny Elliott

Toyota Racing Development -- Chief Information Officer

Bob Gold

Bob Gold & Associates -- Principal

Craig Williams

Ciena -- Vice President and Chief Digital Information Officer

Demand for hyperscale connectivity is changing everything. The integration of AI with high-speed internet connectivity has opened up myriad innovative applications across various fields such as gaming, simulations of real-world environments, sports betting, and more. These applications not only require fast and safe internet connections but also benefit significantly from the low latency that modern networks can provide. As the insatiable hunger for real-time processing and analysis of vast datasets increases and the rate of innovation accelerates, content distribution, production and postproduction executives are increasingly in the hot seat. While there is great opportunity there are also infinite risks and challenges in protecting massive digital ecosystems. Don’t miss this panel produced by Segra and Ciena and featuring senior execs for a riveting discussion about how to best navigate the fast-changing digital landscape and steering their organizations toward innovation while ensuring operational resilience and data security.


  • Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder, Connectbase
  • Jonny Elliott, Chief Information Officer, Toyota Racing Development
  • Bob Gold, Principal, Bob Gold & Associates
  • Craig Williams, Vice President and Chief Digital Information Officer, Ciena