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The Recipe for Broadcasters to Unleash the Power of 5G Standalone (SA) from T-Mobile for Business (1310)

Jason Schnellbacher

T-Mobile for Business -- Principal, Tech Development Strategy

T-Mobile’s Jason Schnellbacher delves into the revolutionary potential of 5G SA and explores how it is spearheading this transformative journey for businesses. 5G SA is set to revolutionize the broadcasting landscape. Through real-world media case studies, attendees will gain insights into how T-Mobile’s 5G SA solutions are empowering businesses to unlock new opportunities, streamline operations and deliver immersive experiences to their audiences. From enabling seamless remote production workflows to supporting high-quality live streaming, discover how 5G SA is reshaping the future of broadcasting with its promise of ultra-low latency, enhanced reliability, lower cost, less complexity and the flexibility to broadcast from almost anywhere. Moreover, this session will highlight the unique advantages of T-Mobile’s approach to 5G SA, including expansive nationwide coverage, robust infrastructure and commitment to innovation.


  • Jason Schnellbacher, Principal, Tech Development Strategy, T-Mobile for Business