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Elevating Live Production: Harnessing Emerging Media Technologies (1087)

Andy Rayner

Appear -- Chief Technology Officer

Eric Girard

FanDuel -- Director of Engineering

Walid Hamri

Sinclair Broadcast Group -- AVP, Media Systems Engineering

This panel session explores the cutting-edge advancements in media technology shaping the future of live production. As the industry evolves, there’s a pressing need for broadcasters to adapt to rapidly changing consumer expectations for more immersive live broadcasts. This session offers a deep dive into how innovative media tech solutions are redefining standards for live production efficiency, reliability and quality. Attendees will learn about the significant impact of emerging technologies, standards and protocols on enhancing media processing, remote production and delivery, and the overall sustainability and adaptability of broadcast operations. Through this discussion, industry professionals will uncover strategies to leverage these advancements for creating more engaging and seamless live event experiences for audiences worldwide.


  • Andy Rayner, Chief Technology Officer, Appear
  • Eric Girard, Director of Engineering, FanDuel
  • Walid Hamri, AVP, Media Systems Engineering, Sinclair Broadcast Group