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Why Your Premium Video Is Too Good (1322)

Nadine Krefetz

Nadine Krefetz

Business Consultant and Industry Journalist

Rob Gelick

Former Chief Product Officer, Paramount Streaming

Abdul Rehman

IMAX Corp. -- Chief Product Officer

Join Rob Gelick, former Chief Product Officer at Paramount Streaming, and Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer at IMAX, as they discuss how critically examining the video workflow directly impacts consumer’s ability to lose themselves in their viewing experience. The business problem of delivering excessive video quality will cost millions of dollars delivering unnecessary bits (or data). Adjusting initial source is key to everything that flows from content delivery. And quality issues can be introduced at any part in each workflow and this never gets better down the line as content travels from encoder to consumer. These two presenters will speak on what it takes to ensure streaming products are not leaking money from potential profits, whether it’s exclusive live sporting events, less expensive subscription tiers and every other type of streaming product.


  • Moderator Nadine Krefetz, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media Magazine
  • Rob Gelick, Former Chief Product Officer, Paramount Streaming
  • Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer, IMAX Corp.