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NAB Show Premiere Opening: One Year of Broadcasting in a Pandemic


Gordon Smith

NAB President & CEO

Jordan Wertlieb

Hearst Television, Inc. / NAB President and Joint Board Chair

Dave Santrella

Broadcast Media, Salem Media Group President and Radio Board Chair

Emily Barr

Graham Media Group President & CEO

Curtis LeGeyt

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) -- President and CEO

Join Sen. Gordon Smith, NAB president and CEO, as he welcomes attendees and reflects over the past year in broadcasting. From a global pandemic to civil unrest and attacks on the First Amendment, broadcasters have faced numerous trials while continuing to provide Americans with a front row seat to history in the making. The leadership of NAB – Jordan Wertlieb, chair of NAB’s Joint Board of Directors, Radio Board Chair Dave Santrella and TV Board Chair Emily Barr will participate in a roundtable discussion moderated by NAB’s Chief Operating Officer Curtis LeGeyt to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the past year and what the future holds for broadcasters.