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Leveraging IMAX VisionScience to Quantify Perceptual Quality and Enhance Streaming Profitability (1303)

Doug Hansel

HighRez -- Technology Evangelist

Lynn Elliott

IMAX Streaming and Consumer Technology -- Director Product Marketing

Abdul Rehman

IMAX Corp. -- Chief Product Officer

Join this panel discussion that will focus on the operational importance of measuring picture quality. Discover how IMAX’s Viewer Score (XVS™) and AI-driven streaming technologies are transforming the industry by offering a new level of insight into how quality can be quantified, objectively and accurately. Learn why accurate quality measurement is not just a technical detail, but the cornerstone of business success in streaming. This session promises to blend the latest in science and AI technology with strategic insights aiming to optimize video quality while positioning your business for enhanced efficiency and profitability.


  • Doug Hansel, Technology Evangelist, HighRez
  • Lynn Elliott, Director Product Marketing, IMAX Streaming and Consumer Technology
  • Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer, IMAX Corp.