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Discover How JPEG-XS Reshapes Your KVM-Over-IP Experience (1010)

Siegfried Foessel

Fraunhofer IIS -- Head, Moving Picture Technologies Department

Enno Littmann

IHSE -- Managing Director and CEO

As both the broadcast and pro-AV markets shift toward video and audio over IP infrastructures little to no emphasis has been put on the actual user interface capabilities needed for the keyboard and mouse. Like video and audio, latency-free human interface devices (HID) such as the USB keyboard and mouse interfaces equally demand the same latency-free design for IP interfaces. IHSE has partnered with Fraunhofer IIS to address these demands with a new JPEG-XS low-latency compression scheme specifically designed toward the real-time needs for keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) used in applications like mission critical control rooms, drone ground-based tracking, remote medical and emergency room operations, gaming, and live-stream broadcasting. Join IHSE and Fraunhofer IIS teams at this session to learn more about JPEG-XS for KVM Display Management Systems.


  • Siegfried Foessel, Head, Moving Picture Technologies Department, Fraunhofer IIS
  • Enno Littmann, Managing Director / CEO, IHSE