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SMPTE RIS-OSA: Tackling the Control Plane and Live Streaming (997)

Chris Lennon

Ross Video -- Director, Standards Strategy

Loic Barbou

Bloomberg Media -- Chief Architect
LV24 headshot Renard Jenkins, President, I2A2 and SMPTE

Renard Jenkins

SMPTE and I2A2 -- President and CEO

Shawn Maynard

Florical Systems -- Senior VP & General Manager

Grappling with the absence of a standardized control plane that functions seamlessly across on-premises environments and various cloud platforms remains a significant challenge. Additionally, the distribution of live streams often lacks consistency and uniformity. This discussion spotlights the efforts of the RIS-OSA (Rapid Industry Solutions – Open Services Alliance) initiative in pioneering solutions for the industry. Participants will engage in a dynamic conversation centered on the innovative strategies and technologies being developed to establish standardized control mechanisms and streamline the distribution of live streams, ultimately shaping the future landscape of our business.


  • Chris Lennon, Director, Standards Strategy, Ross Video
  • Loic Barbou, Chief Architect, Bloomberg Media
  • Renard Jenkins, President, I2A2 and SMPTE
  • Shawn Maynard, Senior VP & General Manager, Florical Systems