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SMPTE IMF UG: Mastering QC Efficiency – Leveraging IMF to Prevent Repeated Failures (996)

Pierre Anthony Lemieux

Sandflow Consulting -- Partner

Fereidoon Khosravi

Venera Technologies -- Chief Business Development Officer

Laurence Stoll

Marquise Technologies -- Co-Founder

Raymond Yeung

Amazon MGM Studios -- Head of Content Standards

Discover the game-changing potential of Interoperable Master Format (IMF) in revolutionizing quality control processes at this SMPTE IMF User Group session. As QC costs soar and failures become increasingly costly, the imperative to avoid rejections from known issues has never been greater. Learn how IMF packages, with their ability to carry machine-readable QC reports synchronized with associated programs, effectively mitigate such risks, even in complex multi-vendor workflows. Join a panel of experts to explore how IMF adoption can dramatically enhance QC efficiency, minimize errors, and streamline operations across diverse vendor environments.


  • Pierre Anthony Lemieux, Partner, Sandflow Consulting
  • Fereidoon Khosravi, Chief Business Development Officer, Venera Technologies
  • Laurence Stoll, Co-Founder, Marquise Technologies
  • Raymond Yeung, Head of Content Standards, Amazon MGM Studios