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From Rough Cut to Refined Flow – The Secret to Faster, More Efficient Post-Production Workflows (1055)

Barry Evans

pixitmedia -- Chief Technology Officer, Data Solutions

Veikko Ruuskanen

Toast Post Production -- CEO, Colorist, Producer

Heinrich von Keler

Tuxera -- Enterprise Sales Director, North America

Tuxera unveils the transformative impact of Fusion File Share by Tuxera – its high-performance SMB protocol solution – on the media and entertainment industry. Through the lens of a Finnish post-production company – Toast – it will demonstrate the substantial impact of integrating Fusion into its post-production environment. The session will then broaden the view to Tuxera’s cooperation with storage vendor Pixitmedia. Its contribution further optimizes post-production processes and reduces total cost of storage ownership for customers. Pixitmedia’s solution, enhanced by Tuxera’s SMB, offers boosted I/O throughput for rapid file transfers, access, editing, and streaming.


  • Barry Evans, Chief Technology Officer, Data Solutions, pixitmedia
  • Veikko Ruuskanen, CEO, Colorist, Producer, Toast Post Production
  • Heinrich von Keler, Enterprise Sales Director, North America, Tuxera