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Transform Editing with Powerful AI Innovations in Video Post-Production (1144)

Marc Gawith -- Head of Business Development

Arijit Chatterjee

Frammer AI -- COO and Co-Founder

Mike Folgner

Scenery -- CEO

Hear from industry startups redefining post-production with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Unleash creativity as you explore their innovative technologies, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable. From automated enhancements to intelligent scene analysis, these companies pave the way for efficient, precise, and imaginative video editing. Join the session to witness the convergence of AI and video editing, shaping the future of visual storytelling.


  • Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development,
  • Arijit Chatterjee, COO and Co-Founder, Frammer AI
  • Mike Folgner, CEO, Scenery