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Breaking Boundaries in VR: Introducing PresenZ 6DoF by V-Nova Studios (972)

Gianluca Meardi

V-Nova -- Managing Director of V-Nova Studios

Gianluca Meardi presents the V-Nova PresenZ 6DoF video format. This innovative format is poised to transform virtual reality storytelling by offering cinematic photorealism coupled with six degrees of freedom. This allows viewers to navigate pre-rendered scenes in real-time, moving beyond fixed viewpoints to achieve a fully immersive experience. V-Nova Studios, a business unit of V-Nova dedicated to crafting immersive 6DoF films, distribution and monetization, will also provide a preview of movie content soon to be released in this new format. The PresenZ technology, which integrates V-Nova’s point-cloud compression, not only enhances storytelling in VR but also facilitates the re-mastering of existing movie libraries. Attendees will get an exclusive look at the development of photorealistic, immersive movies that promise an unprecedented level of engagement, allowing audiences to step into and explore movie scenes like never before. Join V-Nova for a presentation that will redefine the boundaries of cinematic experience.


  • Gianluca Meardi, Managing Director of V-Nova Studios, V-Nova