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Shaping the Future of Television: Brazil’s Journey to TV 3.0 and the Paris Olympics Live Broadcast Trials (973)

Fabio Murra

V-Nova -- SVP Product and Marketing

Following the success of broadcasting live the FIFA World Cup 2022, the SBTVD forum, Brazil’s leading broadcasters and their partners will broadcast the 2024 Paris Olympics live utilizing new TV3.0 technologies, effectively paving the way for Brazil’s new standard rollout in 2025. The trials aim to showcase the readiness and interoperability of the components necessary for the specification, while highlighting the substantial improvements in service quality that the standard will offer consumers. The trials are a significant milestone in digital terrestrial broadcasting, representing the first time the most advanced audio and video technologies are used to deliver a consumer service in the world. The technologies that will be used in Brazil’s TV 3.0 system include Versatile Video Coding (VVC) and MPEG-5 LCEVC for unprecedented video quality, along with MPEG-H audio for immersive sound experiences. This presentation will describe the preparation and objectives of the trials, giving an insight on the developments required by multiple technology companies to build an ecosystem for next-generation TV broadcast services.


  • Fabio Murra, SVP Product and Marketing, V-Nova