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Beyond the Screen: Pioneering AI Dubbing in Cinema (1422)

Hermann del Campo

Zaibr Innovations -- Managing Director

This session delves into the intricate journey of integrating AI dubbing technology into the film industry, highlighting both the challenges encountered and the solutions developed. As providers of a pioneering solution, Zaibr Innovations aims to share its comprehensive learnings with film industry professionals, emphasizing the evolution of engines, the hurdles in adoption and the critical importance of maintaining the integrity and protection of voice actors’ rights.

This discussion will pivot around the pivotal role of AI dubbing in enhancing the localization process, making content more accessible and engaging for a global audience without compromising the originality and essence of the performance. It addresses the initial skepticism and the subsequent embrace of AI technology, underscoring the significance of a collaborative approach that respects the creative process and safeguards the interests of all stakeholders involved. By focusing on a solution-oriented approach, this session aims to illustrate how AI dubbing can be integrated into the film industry not as a disruptive force, but as a valuable tool that complements existing practices.

This session is crafted for professionals seeking to understand the practical application of AI dubbing, its impact on the industry and how it can coexist with traditional methods to enhance storytelling and reach.


  • Hermann del Campo, Managing Director, Zaibr Innovations