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Becoming AI Ready: Mastering Data and Maximizing Value (1388)

Frank Gonzalez

CBS News & Stations -- VP Business Affairs

Sean King

Veritone -- SVP and Head of M&E

Kenny Ye

CAA -- Corporate Strategic Development Executive

This presentation, featuring Veritone’s work with Creative Artists Agency and CBS News, explores the importance of organizations gaining mastery over their data to adopt AI. By harmonizing and managing their data effectively, media companies can then deploy AI solutions in the cloud to unlock their content’s revenue potential while safeguarding their IP. In this session, Veritone highlights real-world use cases to showcase how industry leaders leverage these technologies to redefine media management, rediscover archival footage, reimagine content creation, and reconnect with audiences while safeguarding valuable content rights across platforms.


  • Frank Gonzalez, VP Business Affairs, CBS News & Stations
  • Sean King, SVP and Head of M&E, Veritone
  • Kenny Ye, Corporate Strategic Development Executive, CAA