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Unify Media Metadata at Scale: Tubi’s Innovative Approach with Rosetta Stone (1305)

Claire Dorman

Tubi TV -- Machine Learning Engineering Manager

Robert Raver

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Senior Solutions Architect

Rudra Roy Choudhury

Tubi TV Product Manager

With a library of more than 240,000 titles from over 400 content partners, Tubi executives recognized the need for a unified metadata management system. In this session, learn about Tubi’s solution, Rosetta Stone, which uses LLMs and industry data sources such as IMDb to reliably match content and provide confidence metrics. Gain insight into Tubi’s innovative approach to solving the metadata silo problem and creating a unified metadata management system. Learn how Rosetta Stone unlocks richer applications of metadata in the models powering the Tubi user experience and gain practical knowledge to optimize your own metadata strategies in the rapidly evolving streaming landscape.


  • Claire Dorman, Machine Learning Engineering Manager, Tubi TV
  • Robert Raver, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Rudra Roy Choudhury, Product Manager, Tubi TV