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Streaming Demo: Neurodub Live Stream AI Dubbing

Neurodub Live Stream AI Dubbing

In this demo, viewers will learn how Neurodub’s AI-powered end-to-end video localization service will help them take their business global.

Broadcasters and media platforms can attract new audiences by localizing shows, documentaries, sporting events and more at low cost. Content creators can entertain international audiences by localizing their travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, gaming videos and more. Video creators in the education market can translate larger volumes of video content for online courses, streamline their localization process, and reach new learning communities around the world.

Neurodub Live Stream AI Dubbing is a solution that allows to provide a translated version of a live stream to viewers around the world. The solution incorporates a number of algorithms that identify speakers, understand when they say something, translate it to other languages and create the voice-over with AI voices. Here are the features of the solution:

  • Translation into one of the 70 languages from one of the 7 source languages. Different dialects are supported for some of the languages.
  • A huge library of AI voices and an option to find the best matching voice (by identifying different speakers)
  • Glossaries as an input to control the translation (important for live streams when there is no time to edit the translation)
  • Context-aware translation
  • Translation length control (important when languages have different lengths)
  • Custom integration options (needed for stream delay control)

Here is an overview of how Neurodub works:

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