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Android TV Management: Key Features and Benefits (1185)

Nadav Avni

Radix -- CMO

With the proliferation of Android TV devices, device management is becoming an industry standard. Telcos, operators and service providers experience a shortcoming, especially in ad-hoc remote assistance and streamline operations. Legacy protocols such as TR 69 are not enough; collecting insights, sending scripts and performing OTA updates may take days or weeks for the entire fleet. With cloud-based device management solutions, you can do things instantly on a single device, group or the entire fleet and be specific to apps/features/patches/settings. In this session, Nadav Avni will share best practices for app management, device configuration and settings management, remote support, monitoring & analysis (telemetry), OTA firmware management, and much more that can be done via the Radix Android TV Manager, helping you optimize your Android TV device fleet (including AOSP and Google TV).


  • Nadav Avni, CMO, Radix