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Inside the Huddle: NFL+ Backstory Unpacked (1438)

Ian Campbell

NFL -- Senior Director of D2C Product

Gilles Domartini

Cleeng -- CEO

Michael Orloff

NFL -- Director of D2C Strategy

Ben Keen

Independent Analyst

Join “Inside the Huddle: NFL+ Backstory Unpacked” as OTT analyst Ben Keen interviews the strategic minds behind NFL+, alongside its subscriber management partner, Cleeng. Explore the transition from Game Pass to NFL+ and the technological hurdles encountered. Gain insights into the NFL’s competitive strategy in the OTT market and its ongoing innovations, and learn how the NFL addresses subscriber churn amidst seasonal fluctuations. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insider knowledge and discover the secrets behind monetizing America’s most loved sports content.


  • Ian Campbell, Senior Director of D2C Product, NFL
  • Gilles Domartini, CEO, Cleeng
  • Michael Orloff, Director of D2C Strategy, NFL
  • Ben Keen, Independent Analyst