“TitanTV, Inc. is the broadcast industry’s foremost online software and information provider. It delivers real-time tools for signal prediction, PSIP metadata, desktop and mobile guides, and more. TitanTV also provides a suite of schedule tools for OTA, OTT, and NextGen TV that enables broadcasters to efficiently maintain their schedules, whether for a single station or in a “Central Command” scenario in a station group where one station is responsible for maintaining the schedules of many others. A contract management component ensures syndicated series and movies are aired according to the terms of their respective contracts. The company also maintains the consumer sites, TitanTV.com, a free online television guide, and AntennaWeb.org, a site dedicated to enabling consumers to discover the number of over-the-air channels available from local broadcasters and how to choose the correct antenna to receive them. TitanTV is an independent company located in Cedar Rapids, IA.”

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300 Collins Road NE, Suite B
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52402
United States of America

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MediaStar Quick Edit

Management and Systems
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Workflow Software and Solutions / Systems Integration
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Signal Area Map

Management and Systems
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NextGen Guide

Search / Metadata Software / Applications

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NextGen TV Demo: TitanTV MediaStar Scheduler

Wednesday, May 17 12 – 1 p.m. ET

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Heidi Steffen

Chief Revenue Officer | TitanTV, Inc
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Mick Rinehart

President | TitanTV, Inc
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Morgan Berns

Operations Support | TitanTV, Inc.
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Chelsea Stumpff

Broadcast Tools Product Manager | TitanTV, Inc
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Colin Flynn

Account Manager | Titan TV, Inc.
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Arlan Quandahl

Account Manager | TitanTV, Inc.
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Margaret Johnson

Technical Support Analyst | TitanTV Inc
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Christopher Kelly

CEO | TitanTV, Inc.
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Duane Larson

Customer Care Manager | TitanTV, Inc.