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Mo-Sys VP Pro XR is a pre-configured, multi-node nDisplay XR server system, designed specifically for final pixel XR shooting for cinematic projects.

Break free of the restrictions and compromises generally incurred by XR stages – VP Pro XR enables the use of traditional shooting techniques within virtual productions.

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Unreal Engine editor interface

VP Pro XR further builds upon Mo-Sys’ trusted VP Pro software, which integrates directly into the Unreal Engine Editor interface. The complete suite of real-time compositing tools can also record data for camera tracking, lens focus and zoom plus camera setting data for Arri Alexa and Sony Venice cameras.


VP Pro XR contains the full VP Pro feature set with additional XR tools, new unique capabilities and it is also nDisplay-enabled for large LED screens. Designed to have the minimum system delay possible, typically 6-7 frames, it ensures that XR shoots requiring real talent to interact with mocap AR avatars, are possible.

The Cinematic XR Initiative

Mo-Sys will deliver Cinematic XR capabilities on VP Pro XR. The Cinematic XR initiative focusses on four key aspects of XR: to improve pixel and composite image fidelity, introduce established cinematic shooting techniques to XR, provide seamless interaction between virtual and real elements, and enable hybrid workflows combining final pixel and non-real-time compositing.

Cinematic XR Focus

The first unique capability released for VP Pro XR is the recently announced Cinematic XR Focus, a collaboration with Preston Cinema Systems, the first product to enable seamless interaction between virtual and real worlds. Mo-Sys will release additional unique features aimed at Cinematographers and Focus Pullers over the coming months.

VP Pro XR feature set

The Cinematic XR Focus feature is a taste of the kind of developments from Mo-Sys’ Cinematic XR initiative, with two key software releases due in the coming months. Mo-Sys is also working alongside LED tile and processor experts, developing unique Cinematic capabilities, as well as offering a single supplier solution.

Product Specs

  • Multi-node support
  • Cinematic XR Focus
  • Downstream AR
  • Frustum green pre-vis key
  • Tracking and lens data recording
  • Arri Alexa and Sony Venice camera metadata support
  • iPad remote control
  • Automated screen-mesh builder (beta)
  • Set extensions (beta)
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