Cinematic XR Focus

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A new feature for Mo-Sys VP Pro, Cinematic XR combines information from your Mo-Sys StarTracker and Preston wireless lens control to enable unrestricted focus pulls.

Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus allows focus pullers to seamlessly pull focus from real objects, through the LED wall, to focus on virtual objects that appear to be positioned behind the LED wall, using the same wireless lens control system they already use today. A reverse focus pull is equally possible.

Pull focus between the real and virtual

Transforming virtual production, Cinematic XR Focus software, will enhance final pixel LED volume cinematography by enabling DoPs to pull focus between real foreground objects, like actors, and virtual LED displayed objects, like cars. This is something that was previously only achievable in a green/blue screen shoots with downstream post-production compositing.

Works with VP Pro and StarTracker

Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus synchronizes the lens controller with the Unreal Engine graphics, using StarTracker to constantly track the distance between the camera and the LED wall. The software manages the transition between the lens controller driving the physical lens focus pull and Unreal Engine driving the virtual focus pull.

Enhancing Final Pixel Scene Interaction

Cost advantages and talent lighting benefits make final pixel LED volume shoots highly attractive now. LED volumes have predominantly been used as scene backdrops rather than part of an interactive studio but Cinematic XR enables dynamic interaction between real and virtual LED volume elements, elevating the realism of the shots.

Unleash your storytelling possibilities today

Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus uniquely empowers virtual production filmmakers to shoot more creative shots and more ambitious setups, saving them valuable time and enhancing their storytelling. Utilising more of the creative cinematic toolset that is traditionally available to regular film crews, cinematographers now have the freedom with Cinematic XR Focus.