Arti AR Platform


Easy. Flexible. Affordable.

Arti is the first no-hardware, cloud-based AR platform. It democratizes augmented reality and gives you a competitive edge, with the flexibility to magically deliver compelling AR stories on-location in the field, at live events, in the studio, even when broadcasting from home, so you can engage your audience like never before.

With Arti, all you need is a laptop, a camera, and an Internet connection. Your production team will love the new flexibility. Sales will love that Arti creates a brand new line of revenue: AR sponsorships that quickly deliver positive ROI.

How does Arti work?

If you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint, you can use Arti!

Create your 3D content in Arti in minutes using our templates, or import 3D objects made by your design team or an external marketplace. Arti’s intuitive UI is easy for any content creator. 

No long set-ups

On-the-fly, you can easily create AR content featuring live data feeds, sponsor brand elements, social media feeds, web browsers, and more. The Arti marker creates the interface between the real and virtual—just place it anywhere in the real world and your graphics appear on the spot.

Arti tracking supports live camera movements and zoom, and presenters can easily control the appearance or size of your AR graphics live on-air using a cell phone. See customer video examples

Why do global broadcasters large & small love Arti?  

Differentiate your content

  • Enhance your storytelling with AR live on-location
  • Create engaging AR stories from anywhere in minutes
  • Become the station of choice for breaking news

Increase audience engagement

  • Show, don’t tell
  • Captivate audiences with creative AR data stories
  • Create exciting, monetizable videos

Nimble production, new flexibility

  • Shorter creative cycles, faster time-to-air
  • No specialized AR graphics team or hardware needed
  • Presenters can create graphics & control them live on-air with a cell phone

Increase revenue

  • Create unique new sponsorship opportunities
  • Drive website traffic, monetize your cross-platform audience

Product Specs