StreamMaster PRIME

Pixel Power

StreamMaster PRIME is a turnkey appliance with SDI I/O that offers a flexible feature set to satisfy channel branding and simple integrated playout requirements.

StreamMaster PRIME is aimed at broadcasters looking to replace legacy equipment nearing end of life whilst retaining existing automation and discrete playout infrastructure.

Designed for 24/7 operation in a transmission environment StreamMaster PRIME leverages Pixel Power’s renowned StreamMaster technology platform into a cost effective SDI connected appliance that fits seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Investment in StreamMaster PRIME is future proofed as the software licenced features can be transferred to a new architecture or deployment model as business needs evolve.

Product Specs


› Flexible software defined feature set enables function matching for legacy branding & master control devices.

› SDI I/O for simple integration, can be upgraded to IP at any time*.

› Supports automated graphics, multi-layer static and animated logos, clocks, text crawls, tickers, DVE moves such as squeezeback, EAS, and more.

› Master control switching functionality.

› Autonomous operation, VSP hardware master control panel or UI control panels available.

› Upstream router control for master control applications.

› Plug & play with all major automation systems through protocol emulation.

› Sophisticated audio processing for multi-channel sound.

› Shuffle / loudness / gain / duck / mix in voiceover & sound effects / Dolby. *May require hardware upgrade            


StreamMaster PRIME can be configured for a variety of applications within the performance constraints of the underlying hardware platform, for example:

› Graphics & Branding to satisfy the needs of most channels.

› Thematic Channel Playout for less complex requirements.

› Master Control Switcher to replace multiple devices in existing playout chain.  

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