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Gallium FACTORY automatically generates sophisticated clips, such as promos, trailers and marketing content, using intelligent graphics templates, information entered by the commissioning producer, and direct access to the asset management system. It automatically creates all versions of a promo or programme clip eliminating unproductive manual work, renders the finished sequences and delivers them to transmission or asset management.

Gallium FACTORY is a scalable, flexible and affordable solution which makes it easy to add high end graphics to non-live content.


A significant advantage of a software-defined solution is the ability to create new operational benefits such as on-demand usage and pricing models. Individual features can be purchased outright or bought on a pay-as-you-go basis by the quarter or hour.

Gallium FACTORY is perfect for file based operations in broadcast workflows where output quality and process automation are highly valued, but the enhanced hardware demands of live production and playout are not required.

Ideal Applications:

• Automating the process of making multiple versions of promos

• Producing graphics overlays for QC, web delivery or post production

• Creating graphics for program material and graphics overlays for thematic/static channels for playout by video or

streaming file server

• “Burnt-in” branding, promotion and graphics watermarking for multi-screen or video on demand content

Gallium FACTORY also provides an efficient, template-based automated workflow for production, without taking on the capital expenditures required by live TV.

Pixel for pixel, the rendered output from Gallium FACTORY is identical to the highest quality output from Pixel Power hardware-based linear TV systems such as Clarity, LogoVision, BrandMaster and StreamMaster.


Gallium FACTORY runs on readily available, easily deployed standard IT servers supplied either by the customer or by Pixel Power, virtualized in a data center or in the public cloud.

Customers can deploy Gallium FACTORY graphics render farms at discrete locations or distribute it across their organization, shared as needed between departments and facilities. Existing Pixel Power templates can be re-purposed for other delivery platforms using Gallium FACTORY, without additional graphics production costs.

Support for automated population of prepared graphics templates ensures consistency, accuracy and replaces manual workflows, potentially reducing staffing requirements.

Product Specs


› Automate promo versioning & eliminate tedious repetitive tasks

› Release creativity & save hundreds of hours of production costs

› Use simple work orders to direct automated packaging

› Add sophisticated branding to all your channels

› Increase brand consistency and visibility

› Eliminate graphics devices in the playout chain and improve on-air performance

› Share rendering across channels for increased efficiency

› Extend cross-promotion and deliver across multiple platforms

› Localize your content

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