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Gallium PROMOTE automatically creates and delivers dynamic promos and branding for live or thematic channels. It reads the traffic system and real-time schedule, then populates graphics templates for slates, bugs, promos and line-ups. Gallium PROMOTE removes the repetitive task of creating cross-promotion, sponsorship, squeeze-back and other in-programme graphics.


› Saves 100s of post-production hours per month

› Galliium PROMOTE installations typically pay for themselves in under 12 months

› Improves viewer retention by delivering dynamic promo junctions

› Increases efficiency through enhanced automation and reduced data entry

› Saves money and increases branding at no additional cost

› Supports linear playout and file based delivery

› Handles late changes in the schedule close to the time of transmission


A significant advantage of a software-defined solution is the ability to create new operational benefits such as on-demand usage and pricing models. Individual features can be purchased outright or bought on a pay-as-you-go basis by the quarter or hour.

Gallium PROMOTE is the most powerful automated branding and cross promotion solution available to broadcasters.

Gallium PROMOTE uses existing data from back-office, scheduling and automation systems to automate branding in a transmission environment. In-built intelligence, driven by user defined rules, allows Gallium PROMOTE to create a wide variety of relevant promotions and other sequences, without operator intervention. Graphics are built within seconds of going on-air so they can take account of last minute changes, ensuring the displayed details are correct and appropriate as well as maintaining a consistent brand presentation.

The perfect choice for both thematic channels or those with live content requiring dynamic branding, Gallium PROMOTE can create dynamic, vibrant channel branding across multiple channels operating in multiple time zones and languages.


Gallium PROMOTE enables the creation of additional sophisticated branding graphics without increasing the workload, whilst simultaneously releasing design staff to focus on more creative production work.

The automated branding is available either live in-stream or near-time rendered using Gallium FACTORY and is also offered with the choice of pay-as-you-go or perpetual licence CAPEX pricing. Furthermore Gallium PROMOTE provides opportunities for new revenue streams through sponsorship and data or advertising overlays that create dynamic graphic insertions.

Product Specs


› Integrates leading automation systems

› IPPs

› End credit DVE’s

› Break bumpers

› Single and multi-programme menus

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