SMARTLIVE: Enhanced Sports storytelling


SMARTLIVE, Tedial’s cutting-edge automated live sports production solution, has been enhanced with features and functionalities for increased fan engagement. Broadcasters can now deliver improved and more vivid graphics thanks to an integration between SMARTLIVE and’s cloud-based technology for live graphic overlays. Graphics can be inserted into the SMARTLIVE auto-generated EDL, reviewed in the player and then burned in when the EDL is flattened. This major development gives broadcasters the capability to enhance storytelling by layering graphics on top of highlights. In addition, SMARTLIVE can create transitions between EDL segments, such as fade in/fade out, adding a dynamic element to highlights. Providing an additional advantage for remote production Tedial’s player allows users to review content in different low-res quality with an automatic adaptive bit rate depending on the quality of the connection.

SMARTLIVE is also now connected to a video AI engine that detects replays in the video live stream or file to provide even more advanced storytelling, making highlights more dynamic.

Product Specs

Utilizing AI tools, SMARTLIVE leverages its unique metadata engine to automate clip creation to distribution – including tight integration with social media. It also automates the event metadata ingest process; automatically provides a production environment for the production team; provides multiple, instantaneous live searches to bring historical media and informational archives to live events; and automatically generates highlights, delivering them to digital platforms and social networks as well as traditional broadcast distribution channels as it’s directly connected to the production environment.

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