enCaption Automated Closed Captioning

ENCO Systems, Inc.

Greatly reduce overall costs by automating your open and closed captioning workflows with the latest enCaption by ENCO. enCaption offers broadcasters, media producers, government institutions, educators and live presenters an easy and affordable solution to provide around-the-clock generation of captioning on live or recorded programming. enCaption is a turn-key, patented solution available on-premise or in the cloud. Recent breakthroughs in machine learning technology once again significantly raise the bar for speed and accuracy for captioning environments, and the latest version includes a powerful video delay feature that enables lip-sync grade caption synchronization, as well as updates to its punctuation and speaker separation abilities. When used alongside enTranslate, enCaption can provide real-time translated captions in 46 different languages. See why more broadcasters are relying on enCaption to cost-effectively meet regulatory requirements and growing consumer demand.

Product Specs