Pebble Integrated Channel


Software-defined integrated channel with uniquely flexible channel pipeline design

Pebble’s scalable integrated channel device offers audio, video and graphics functionality in a compact, cost-effective format to meet your ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout requirements. It replicates in software all the functionality of a traditional broadcast playout chain made up of single-purpose devices performing dedicated functions, and it can be customised for all your channel types, from tightly scheduled ‘static’ channels to highly reactive channels with multiple content formats, complex graphics, and live inserts.

With SD/HD/UHD video server, master control switcher, subtitling, captioning and channel branding functionality, our Integrated Channel is installed across a range of broadcast applications including Tier One premium channels, regional commercial insertion, fast to market or short-term channels, disaster recovery centres and content ingest. Supporting an extensive range of compression and file formats, it incorporates full up- and down-conversion on ingest and playout, and the ability to mix legacy SD content with new HD and UHD material in the same playlist.

Working with you to understand the specific workflows that you require, our team of Solutions Architects will propose the optimum configuration of Automation and Integrated Channel software for your current project, and advise on what hardware to deploy to build in future scalability if your channel count and complexity changes. And as the Integrated Channel can operate using any combination of SDI, 2022-6, 2110 or transport stream, you can migrate your operations to IP at a pace that suites your business.

Product Specs