Pebble Virtualized Playout


Software-defined virtualised IP channel with flexible channel pipeline design

Virtualising your playout can deliver a host of benefits, including the agility to launch and decommission channels for short term requirements, and the ability to host your operational infrastructure in a standard office environment. Our experience of designing and delivering IP-based virtualised playout infrastructures makes us the ideal partner to work with as you contemplate making the transition, and our team of experts will talk you through the considerations and support you as you make your choice.

Exceptional Functionality

Pebble’s software-defined virtualised IP channel solution is designed to meet the needs of service providers, multi-channel operators, sports broadcasters and corporates looking to virtualise their operations. It enables you to deploy IP-based channels without the need for racks of proprietary hardware and with no need to compromise your channel functionality or preferred workflows. Running in a virtual machine (VM) in a private data centre or public cloud, our Virtualised Playout solution delivers all the functionality previously handled by discrete hardware servers, graphics and captioning systems.

Product Specs