Pebble Playout in a Box


Self-contained playout in a box for all channel types

Pebble’s powerful and compact playout in a box solution leverages our best-of-breed automation and integrated channel technology to deliver a full HD ingest and playout solution, with comprehensive redundancy options for systems up to 6 channels.

In addition to hosting your simple clip-based channels, our Playout in a Box is also capable of handling more complex, reactive channels which regularly feature late-breaking changes. Its exceptionally intuitive user interface, coupled with powerful graphics and DVE functionality, combine to deliver a ‘best of breed’ solution at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Ingest and Playout Solution

The rich feature set incorporates encode and decode, up and down conversion, graphics, DVE, ARC, subtitling, voice-over and optional Dolby® encode and decode. For ingest, file format and compression ratios can be selected on a per job basis, and clips can be trimmed and segmented even while the ingest is in progress. Operators are able to view playout and ingest processes using an IP monitoring window directly within the UI.Each solution is scaled to meet your specific needs in consultation with our expert team of engineers. It is then delivered as a pre-built and pre-tested unit for quick on-site integration and one-stop support access. With fewer points of failure, simpler maintenance, and lower energy costs, it adds true playout in a box functionality to the Pebble family of automation and integrated channel solutions.

Product Specs