Neuron – Brainstorm’s Pathway to Broadcast Graphics Management


Neuron – Brainstorm’s pathway to broadcast graphics management

Neuron is a MOS-compatible, template-based system that integrates graphics creation and management into most common newsroom, continuity and broadcast traffic operation environments. Allowing users to integrate high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics to their workflow without the constant input from the Graphics department.

Neuron is fully scalable and can be tailored to match any client’s requirements or budget while it integrates in most types of broadcast content management including traffic and branding. Initially designed for news operation, Neuron currently integrates in most common broadcast workflows, transcending the newsroom to support continuity and broadcast traffic.

Product Specs

Fully scalable, modular solution

Template-based graphics

Comprehensive workflow

Integration with NLE systems

Newsroom and Automation integration

Scalable system

Neuron ADM (Advanced Device Manager)

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