Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics, augmented reality and virtual set solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows, as well as for feature film production and corporate presentations. With more than 2,500 installations worldwide since its foundation in 1993, Brainstorm’s customer list includes many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus a large number of smaller and regional stations. Brainstorm’s flagship product eStudio is considered the industry’s fastest on-air graphics and virtual studio engine. The eStudio is unique in the market due to its sophistication, open architecture and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customized products and applications. Other Brainstorm products are: InfinitySet, the most advanced virtual set and augmented reality solution. Aston, the designers’ choice for graphics creation, CG and playout solution. Neuron, broadcast graphics management. Brainstorm is a company focused on assisting its clients to create highly engaging visual experiences for their viewers. With headquarters in Madrid and Valencia (Spain) and subsidiaries in the US and Asia, Brainstorm is a company with a global reach and committed to innovation that allocates 25% of its annual income to R&D.

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  • TD Ameritrade Virtual Townhall, by BMG

    Broadcast Management Group helps TD Ameritrade migrate their physical events…
  • New Year’s Eve at TVE

    Including virtual revellers in social distancing times.
  • Sanxingdui on CCTV, by Camkoon

    Bringing the Sanxingdui archeeological discoveries to life.

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David Rodriguez Moldes

Sales Engineering Manager | Brainstorm US Inc
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Ruben Ruiz

EVP Sales | Brainstorm US